Will I Keep All My Followers & Engagement?

Yes and No.

Our campaigns are advertising promotions that drive traffic towards your Instagram Account. During the campaign, you will see a massive spike in reach, impressions, followers, and engagement. 

Once the campaign is over, the spike of traffic and new followers will decline. This is normal and not something you need to worry about. Like any kind of promotion, there is a spike followed by a decline leading up to a neutral consistency.

YOU WILL NOT LOSE ALL OF YOUR FOLLOWERS! You received real followers. Not any fakes. Not bots. The people who came to your account, engaged with your content, and followed you are REAL PEOPLE.

Something that needs to be noted is that you will lose followers. This is unavoidable. Whether you are a small account or Kim Kardashian, followers tend to come and go. This means you can expect to retain 60%-80% of your followers. 

There are 3 core reasons why you may lose followers:

  • When your content appeared on their timeline, they had already forgotten that they followed you, so they decided to unfollow you.
  • They don’t connect or relate to your content. It’s not their interest.
  • They’re not part of your target audience. 

As scary as it may sound to lose followers, it is actually a good thing. By losing followers you are actually retaining the ones that do care about your content and are willing to engage. Do you really want people to follow you who don’t care about your content, never engage and actually turn the algorithm against you?

At the end of the day, this is a team effort. Our job is to drive traffic to your page & increase your follower count and your job is to convert them into raving fans. The simplest way to increase your engagement is to change nothing new on your side and to consistently enter in our giveaway loops. For the best return on investment, we would suggest you do consistent giveaways and work on quality content.