Who is my host?

USA and South American

The USA and South American growth campaigns are run through major influencer networks such as memes-, influencer-,and gaming pages. 

As you are aware, the partial gains are where we slot you into the next available campaign that comes up. We have many suppliers that we utilize to provide this service which means that our clients don’t need to wait to see the results and don’t need to worry about hitting the agreed gains.

Because of the nature of this service, we can not micromanage the partial gains, guarantee who your host will be or which campaign you may or may not be slotted into. 

You will not know who your host is, but we do have a list of hosts with campaigns where we’ll be able to place you.

It is important to take note that in most cases the host will not tag you. Instead what we do is have the host start the giveaway with a post directing their followers to either your page or an alternative page that will follow you and this alternative page will have a post saying the giveaway is now live. 

This is why you won’t see a mention notification as they promote the giveaway from a post and not by tagging all the accounts their followers must follow to enter the giveaway.

If you are just interested to see it working then this video will show you how it works.


Celebrity Campaigns

With celebrity campaigns, you get to choose which celebrity or influencer you want as a host. We have an entire list to choose from. It’s advised that you hurry though because there are only a certain amount of slots per campaign and they fill fast.