What Are The Types of Followers I'll Receive?

Why am I receiving followers that look fake, have no profile picture, and seem young?



A small amount of the followers you will receive will seem like a fake or spam account, but don't worry.

With our giveaways, you may receive followers from the following types of accounts:

  • No profile picture, posts, and very few followers
  • Somewhat suggestive or explicit promoting online content
  • Users who appear to be under the age of 18 

Just because an account looks fake, has explicit content, or under the age of 18, does not mean it's a bot or not a real person. If a page has no profile picture, no posts, and only follows a handful of users, it appears to be fake based on our perception of what's a "real person" but you would be surprised how many people have these types of profiles to simply shop and browse on Instagram. Their sole goal on Instagram is to consume and engage with content. Not necessarily share their own posts. 

If you are experiencing followers of an explicit nature please understand this is part of a business strategy to draw attention to these types of pages. Sometimes they will target giveaways as the entrants (you) since it is quite varied and they get a reasonable response from it. We do apologize if this happens but again this is out of our control to stop pages from following you.

Please understand that our service provides real and organic growth which means we can not filter or block any account from following you. We appreciate that you may have certain expectations on what type of followers you want and if this is the case we suggest you enter more giveaways and start to filter out the followers you do not want as you go. 

We pride ourselves on offering our clients real followers, not bots or fake accounts. We urge you to first reach out to any suspicious-looking accounts via DM and ask them what giveaway they entered and you will see that they should reply back to you. Bots and fake accounts can not do this.

That said I am sure you get DMs from people and do not reply so just because someone doesn’t reply means they are fake. As we send a minimum of 1000 followers to you there should be plenty of accounts you can reach out to if you require validation.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how giveaways work and again we are very sorry if the followers have not perfectly met your expectations.