What value can Social Clout Club provide me?

Unlike other forms of advertising, our service will always benefit our clients

In traditional advertising, you will pay an agency to create a series of advertisements that they believe will deliver you results, and then they will test these results and pivot based on feedback. This is a proven method but does not always yield tangible results for some time. Conversely, our service gives instant results with a series of flow-on effects that give the client multiple options to see value from our service.

Below are the value tiers the SCC approach delivers to our clients.

Initial Value - Social Proof

The first thing that a large following provides you with is social proof. Having a large number of followers gives you certain credibility that will instruct the new viewers to your page to spend more time and take you more seriously.

When a potential new follower comes to your page two things will happen, they will check your follower count and see a very small number that screams that no one thinks you add value or they will go the other way and want to learn more. 

This stems from basic human psychology. As humans, we trust what the majority of people do. With this in mind if you have something to say and you are conveying this with quality content, then you will be buying yourself valuable air time and the attention of the new potential follower. They will consume your content, become a follower, a fan, and ultimately a consumer of your products or service.

Secondary Value - Access to Instagram Tools

Access to Instagram features like the Swipe-Up feature is essential to engage and drive followers where you want them to go. The swipe-up feature will allow you to add web links, affiliate links, youtube links, and even Spotify links! 

Third Value - Lead capture

The thing all the traffic has in common is they are incentivized to win things. They are telling you they will perform actions for a chance to win something. We suggest you run a parallel campaign to ours. If you instruct the traffic to engage with a post about your giveaway and tell them to send you an SMS or view your website/Spotify/youtube, then you are getting a second bite of the cherry and getting a lead you can remarket to, or just more social proof on another platform.

Forth Value - Fans

This is what everyone is chasing however this is the smallest group you will find. This isn’t a bad thing. As mentioned before you need the social proof plus some die-hard fans. Speak your truth to these people and draw them in, and make them raving fans. People think they need to find these people in a specific campaign and this is not the case. If your ideal client likes spiritual content that doesn’t mean they won’t also like someone like The Rock. We go on Instagram to be educated, connected, and entertained. We all have a lot of different interests and most of the time we don’t know what we want until it is in front of us. Do not underestimate the opportunity you have with our service feeding you unique traffic.