How Do I Retain My New Followers?

This is a team effort & we need to work together!

How To Retain Your New Followers

Getting the most out of our celebrity advertising campaign is super important for a lot of our clients. 
This team effort, we are going to drive traffic to your page now it’s your job to convert them to fans. 

The short video above will go over some tips and tricks about how to engage the new followers you will gain. Here are some strategies you can implement to increase your retention while you are gaining new followers.

  • Have an engaging profile picture
  • Try to post at least 1x a day
  • Post & repost at least 10 Instagram stories
  • Go on Instagram Live – do “behind the scenes”
  • Like and comment on followers that engage with you
  • Watch Instagram stories of your new followers
  • Consider offering a giveaway prize via a post