How does the Social Clout Club Guarantee work?

With every purchase made, Social Clout Club can guarantee that you will receive what you pay for. How can we guarantee this? By ensuring that we fulfill every promise we make to you. 

Growth Packages

Monthly growth packages are monthly subscriptions where you will be placed in campaigns to hit the agreed growth. If a growth package's range says 5-6K followers, for example, we will deliver the higher number during the growth, and the lower number is what you can expect to retain afterward. 

Each month after your subscription has renewed we will place you in a campaign within 10 business days, from here we will grow your audience (followers) until you hit the agreed number.

Our guarantee states that if you purchase a 10K campaign and it only did 6K, then we will put you into another campaign until you hit the 10K that has been promised. Once you’ve hit the number we’ve guaranteed, the guarantee is over. 

This ensures that you get what you’re paying for and don’t lose out in any way.


For all campaigns that we place our clients into, we also have a "dummy" account that we place into the campaign that is not entered into any other campaign. We use this dummy account to track results.

When we put you into a campaign, we monitor the growth of your account. We know how long it usually takes for an account to grow by 1,000. It's never exactly 1,000, usually, we will go over by a little, in some cases, some people get lucky and get an extra couple hundred! Once your guaranteed growth is hit, we pull you from the campaign and our job is done. We also take before and after screenshots on our end as well to confirm the growth on our end.