Can Social Clout Club get me verified?

We can help you apply for the verification process, but we can't get you verified.

We can help you with that however you can also just apply for that yourself on Instagram if you feel that you have satisfied their criteria. 

They have become really transparent about what they require for people to become verified and there are a lot of knowledge-based articles about that on the web. 

Essentially you need to :

  • Be a real person - no parody accounts or anything like that will be accepted. 
  • You or your brand must be featured in multiple news sources, be highly searched for, and be well known to the general public. Being featured in paid or promotional content doesn’t count.
  • your account needs to be “the unique presence of the person or business it represents.” You can’t have multiple verified accounts for yourself or your brand.
  • If your profile contains links to follow your accounts on other social channels, your request is doomed.

These are just some well-known tips, so there is no real way to guarantee getting verified. Instagram has staff that vets people based on the above criteria. 

Social Clout Club can’t promise that you’ll get verified as a result of having a lot of followers and high engagement. But having a prominent following helps a lot. It is unlikely that someone would get verified who doesn't have many followers and exceptional content.